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The Faness Inside Me

Posted on: January 23, 2010 1:20 pm
  Wow, we are here in the NFC Championship game.  It is hard to believe for me, a couple years back being 6 and 10 and taking loads of crap from everyone I know for being a Viking fan.  They would always say "Hey, there's purple boy" or "Vikings SUCK."  Well they aren't saying that anymore, or for those who are must not really know much about football.  I mean, I want to admit something to all those fellow Viking fans out there...I didn't give it all I had this year, I wish I did but I try not to have any regrets.  I used to be a crazed Vikings fan but this season I struggled to do that.  I used to just wake up on gameday and go crazy and be pumped, I used to wear Vikings stuff everyday and purple everyday.  If you ask my friends they will say my faness has gone down but from the Cowboys game and now I am going FULL through the finish mark, whenever that will be.  It could be tomorrow after the Saints game, which I am afraid will happen.  My brother says that I didn't go for the full ride this season, and I agree 100%.  I used to get those gameday feelings, like every time they get a touchdown i'd get goosebumps down my back and be going insane.  This season I asked, "Where are those feelings, I want them back."  I have them back now baby!!!  I have them back and this time they are here to stay!  Going into tomorrow I am going to be that old me and be dedicated to being a insane fan which I know I am and I knew I had in me all along this years ride.  I am so excited for tomorrows game against the Saints just to know that if we win...were in!  I mean, that is it...just one more win boys and were in.  I don't want my feelings gone just yet, I want two more games to know what it feels like.  I want that feeling after a Super Bowl Win, it must be the best feeling ever.  Well, this is our chance.  If we win tomorrow it is going to be crazy!  I am a Vikings fan no matter how much faness I put into it, whether I put in what I used to, or what I put into it this year.  But I am that old fan right now, and I love it!!!  I am nervous and my stomach is getting aches for tomorrow's game!  I love being that old fan I was, and I am back as a diehard fan!!!  Sorry for leaving Purple Family, but I am back and 100% healthy, lets go get them Saints tomorrow boys!!!!  SKOL!!!!!

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Posted on: January 25, 2010 6:08 pm

The Faness Inside Me

hey first off i just want to say no one is picking on u any more (at least when i am there). now you guys played an ok game on sunday. but farve was not doing so good. also you did preaty good on wearing your stuff on fridays before the game. those feelings better stay in you no matter a win or lose. every one loves a true die-hard fan. just like you d-rock

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Posted on: January 23, 2010 11:09 pm

The Faness Inside Me

I'm Vkingsrule106's best friend, and he is the BIGGEST Vikings fan in the world. He sticks with them through good times and bad, and I've never seen a more loyal fan. I've rooting for the Vikes throughout the whole playoffs because of him. Go Vikings!!!

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Posted on: January 23, 2010 10:40 pm

The Faness Inside Me

Nice post! I had wondered what had happened to you! . . . I've been a Vikinga fan for 41+ years now. . . I've seen it all (well, nearly), and this season, THIS quarterback, have made it ine of the most exciting and memorable seasons ever for me. I have always been one to sport my Vikings gear, to the point where people say "Gee, Let me guess. Vikings fan, huh?" . . . It doesn't matter WHAT season it is, I'm always a visible Vikings fan. Well, being originally from Ohio, I do at times wear some Ohio State gear. LOL, I have been known to wear an OSU t-shirt with a Vikings jacket, or vice versa! I can understand how you moght at times feel like you just can't go on with it all. Occasionally, I have felt that way, but by the next day, I suck it up, and proudly wear my Vikings stuff! Even when I didn't WANT to, I'd wear it so nobody could ever say I was embarrassed, or ashamed to be a Vikings fan. . . Be strong my friend! Win or lose, WE ARE VIKINGS NATION!!!

Go Vikings! Beat Saints, then Colts or Jets!!! Minnesota Vikings = World Champions!!!

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