Posted on: January 23, 2010 1:20 pm

The Faness Inside Me

  Wow, we are here in the NFC Championship game.  It is hard to believe for me, a couple years back being 6 and 10 and taking loads of crap from everyone I know for being a Viking fan.  They would always say "Hey, there's purple boy" or "Vikings SUCK."  Well they aren't saying that anymore, or for those who are must not really know much about football.  I mean, I want to admit something to all those fellow Viking fans out there...I didn't give it all I had this year, I wish I did but I try not to have any regrets.  I used to be a crazed Vikings fan but this season I struggled to do that.  I used to just wake up on gameday and go crazy and be pumped, I used to wear Vikings stuff everyday and purple everyday.  If you ask my friends they will say my faness has gone down but from the Cowboys game and now I am going FULL through the finish mark, whenever that will be.  It could be tomorrow after the Saints game, which I am afraid will happen.  My brother says that I didn't go for the full ride this season, and I agree 100%.  I used to get those gameday feelings, like every time they get a touchdown i'd get goosebumps down my back and be going insane.  This season I asked, "Where are those feelings, I want them back."  I have them back now baby!!!  I have them back and this time they are here to stay!  Going into tomorrow I am going to be that old me and be dedicated to being a insane fan which I know I am and I knew I had in me all along this years ride.  I am so excited for tomorrows game against the Saints just to know that if we win...were in!  I mean, that is it...just one more win boys and were in.  I don't want my feelings gone just yet, I want two more games to know what it feels like.  I want that feeling after a Super Bowl Win, it must be the best feeling ever.  Well, this is our chance.  If we win tomorrow it is going to be crazy!  I am a Vikings fan no matter how much faness I put into it, whether I put in what I used to, or what I put into it this year.  But I am that old fan right now, and I love it!!!  I am nervous and my stomach is getting aches for tomorrow's game!  I love being that old fan I was, and I am back as a diehard fan!!!  Sorry for leaving Purple Family, but I am back and 100% healthy, lets go get them Saints tomorrow boys!!!!  SKOL!!!!!
Posted on: January 9, 2010 11:02 am

Vikings Playoff Run Starts

Alright so here we go, the road to Miami starts here and it is time to make a run.  The Vikings fortunatley have a bye week this week and we have some time to give Brett Favre some rest and Peterson some rest as well.  Since the Eagles lost in week 17 the Vikings clinched the bye, which I really didn't care if we got or not.  Due to if we didn't we came off a huge 44 to 7 win over the Giants so we could go into the playoffs strong and not have to take any breaks.  But if we did get the bye (which we did) we can take some time to rest and give players like Favre and Peterson some rest time to just take a quick break.  So since we did we do get to take some time off so I am happy with what we got.  Going in, today Dallas and Philly will play and if Dallas wins that is who we will play.  But if Philly wins we will play the winner of Arizona and Green Bay which is going to be played tomorrow.  I am hoping and thinking that Dallas will win and beat Philly so we can play Dallas at home and take them out then probably meet New Orleans in the NFC Championship game.  So that is what goes on this week, nothing big since the Vikes don't even play so lets just enjoy our time off and prepare for next weeks game hopefully against Dallas.
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Posted on: September 11, 2009 10:56 pm

Week 1: Minnesota Vikings @ Cleveland Browns

The Minnesota Vikings open up the season in Cleveland against one of the weaker teams in the league, the Browns. Now in the Vikings season opener all eyes will be on Brett Favre. Brett Favre is making his first stint as the Vikings quarterback this game and expect him to impress. The Browns on the other hand don't even have a starting quarterback...or do they? Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini said that he knows whether Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson will start in this game but he just doesn't want to make it public to hold an advantage over the Vikings. Smart decision by Coach Mangini but no matter which one is playing, Jared Allen, Kevin Williams and Pat Williams are still coming to play.
Three KEYS to Victory
1)Brett Favre must come- I think that for in order the Vikings to pull this game out Brett Favre must bring his A game. Not only does this take eyes off of All-Pro Running Back Adrian Peterson but it also means the passing game is clicking as well.

2)Pressure Quinn/Anderson- Whether Quinn or Anderson is playing in this game I think either would come to play so we can't give them all day to pass. This will be a crucial part of winning this game. Jared, Kevin, Pat and Ray must continuously knock down the QB and bruise them up for 60 minutes.

3)Special Teams defending- We all know what problems the Vikings had last year covering kicks and punts, and with pro bowl returner Josh Cribbs back there it really doesn't help. The Vikings special teams coverage must shut down Cribbs and not let him get loose.

Those are my three keys in order for a Vikings week one win and I think every one will get done and get done right.

My choice- Vikings over Browns by 9
Posted on: August 19, 2009 2:43 pm

Starting School and NFL

  Even though the School season is starting up again and I am getting ready to get back in School there is always a positive to be found.  That positive is that the Vikings season is starting up again and I am pumped and ready as ever before.  First of all this summer has sucked and I truly don't know why.  Not as much hanging out with friends and all the stuff that we said we were going to do we didn't do.  Like last year me and Bry payed attention to the Pirates season but this year we failed to watch one game during the summer...sad.  But you know what we will just have to try harder next year I guess.  But like I said...there is always a positive.  The Vikings are getting ready for the season opener against Cleveland and I am so pumped not only because this year our expectations are high as could be but because Brett Favre is in the picture and were all set and loaded.  So I am looking forward to a great NFL season and hopefully School year as well.  But you know what there is still a little bit of summer left and I hope to enjoy it and the pre season is also still being played.  So I am waiting and once that times comes...I'll be ready as a student and fan!!
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Posted on: April 6, 2009 9:40 am

Pirates start up the season...

   Today the Pirates finally get the season going by playing the Cardinals at 4:15.  I am so pumped today for  the game plus Eminem's Relapse single tomorrow "We Made You".   But today finally Pirates season gets underway with a game against the Cardinals at 4:15 and I'll be waiting for Bryan to get off his bus at 4:00 so he has to run off and get going and come over for the game.  I will be making popcorn and getting drinks ready and set up the computer the way that it needs to be set-up.  I am just so pumped now for the season, it feels like yesterday that we were talking about getting ready for the season and now it's here.  Paul Maholm will start the season for us and we need to get off on the right foot.  I am ready for the season and pumped is the point of this blog and boy can I wait till 4:15 to get this season underway!  Here we go...a new season is here and I really believe that we are ready to make a run!!! GO BUCS 09!!!!!!!!


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Posted on: March 20, 2009 5:37 pm

March Madness time!!!

   WOW, it is already here.  March Madness, I remember just talking about it during Christmas time and how much I can't wait for it.  Well it is here and tonight it is Xavier's first game vs Portland State!  I really hope that Xavier can pull this game off and I think they will.  Xavier has had a up and down season since Drew Lavender and Josh Duncan leaving...but that doesn't matter...anything can happen in March Madness.  Now I took Xavier to win this game, then beat Florida State in the next round...then play PITT and lose.  But who knows yet, PITT just barely won a few minutes ago and maybe they won't even last past the 2nd round, or maybe we won't...who knows.  All I know is I will be rooting Xavier on tonight and hope for the best out of BJ Raymond and CJ Anderson and Kenny Frease and Derrick Brown (my favorite players!)  But as well will I be keeping a eye on the Arizona and Utah game because if Arizona wins or loses by 1 I will rack up 10 dolla in centsports and I'll be miles ahead of everyone.  But if they lose I will be back in the dumps and a 10 cent loser.Cry  I don't know what will happen and all I know is that ARIZONA BETTER WIN!!!!!!!!  I had a 5 game parlay and all 4 things happened yesterday that I needed like...

-Michigan by plus 5....but they won anyway

-North Carolina win by 25.5 and they won by like over 40

-UCLA to win straight up and they barely won

-LSU to beat Butler by two and they won by four

  So things went my way yesterday but I don't know today...only GOD can tell and please, help Zona/Xavier!

If I had to choose whether I wanted Xavier or Zona to win more...I'm sorry but I'd say Zona.  I know I know, but I really need this game and I think Xavier will pull it off anyway!  It should be a crazy night in March Madness and boy am I looking forward to these games and the future of March Madness!!

Posted on: March 5, 2009 12:49 pm

Eminem's "Relapse" album...

  Alright, I can't wait anymore...Eminem's album Relapse hasn't come out yet and I hate waiting.  Eminem hasn't released a new album since 2006 and me and all other true Eminem fans want some more music.  I can't wait anymore like I said, it's just that feeling where you want something so bad and this is for sure that feeling.  Yes, I am home from School because of my eye again...had eye problems for like my whole life.  Sorry just had to say that, but anyways Eminem's album has had multiple release dates and has changed a lot.  But I am just waiting and waiting for a release date to be set just so I have a EXACT date to look forward to.  I can say I am getting the album the day it comes out no matter what...nothing can stop me from getting it the exact second that the album hits the shelves.  I am bored as heck right now but hopefully I can get some Subway for lunch I'll see when Shane (Nikeplaya617) gets home and hopefully we'll get my Grandma to get us some!  UHHHHHHHHHHHHH, come on set a release date, I am just sitting here listening to Eminem and I JUST CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have my plan all set and everything for when the album comes out, I go get it (obviously) then I come home go in my room and put on the CD and listen to EVERY song all the way through.  Then I come downstairs on the computer and put the songs on my ipod and then probably just go back in my room and listen to it for the rest of the day!!!!  That's about all I wanted to say, so now you know how bad I want it and how much his music means to just gets me away from regular day promlems and calms me down so it is probably the top two most important things to me!  But yeah, I am really bored right now.  Thanks for reading and it would be nice if you could pray as well for Ems album to come out soon thanks I would appreciate it...haha just kidding.  PEACE

                                                                                                                           -Drake (Vikingsrule106)

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Posted on: January 31, 2009 9:05 am

Pumped for Pirate season,and summer!!

  I just keep thinking, when will it be summer time?  It's the best time of year, you wake up and you've got kids running around the neighborhood playing football,baseball,basketball,street hockey and any sport you can think of.  Well, that just might be in my neighborhood!!  But anyways, I am so pumped for the Pittsburgh Pirates season to start because of all that stuff...and B-Money coming in my house and eating all my chips and marshmallows haha.  But B and I always watch the Pirates games on sportsline together because usually they aren't on TV.  It's awesome, we just make some popcorn and get some pop and watch the Pirates game and go NUTS after like every pitch no matter what happens.  That's just awesome and I can't wait, even though it's not that close to will come fast.  But the Pirates season starts in April, we'll still watch the games but it's not the same as watching them during the summer, because 1. he can't sleep over after them...and 2. it's just not the same surrounding.  It's fun to have a friend that you can chill out with and cheer on the same team because you both like them, it's really awesome to have your bestfriend live across the street from you!  He's the coolest kid i've ever met, and yet we still fight about every other sport...haha.  But B aka Steelerbro1 is what makes summer fun for me, we chill out walk up to Mickey D's for breakfast 5 days in a row...were going to break it B.  But the best part, watch Pirates games!!!  It's awesome, because after the game if it's a late one we'll just go in the basement and play video games, and if it's like a 12 o'clocker we'll go play baseball outside or get all the neighborhood kids together and play football.  That's why summer is awesome, and the Pirates season is's just the best time of year and I can't wait anymore for it!  

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